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What's Your Acting Game Plan?

1. WHAT YOU DO IN HERE TRANSLATES OUT THERE. Know that the work you do in class will carry over into your lives AND into the business - both literally (you never know who will see your work or whose sitting next to you- even in this class) and metaphorically. Good work habits carry over and if you don't do this in class, chances are you won't do it with the same degree of precision in the industry either because you haven't drilled it to the point where it becomes second nature. People can sense this...we are very instinctual creatures....just as we can sense danger in a parking lot, casting and executives can sense this about you. 


2.  BE PREPARED- sounds obvious, I know....what does that mean? know your lines- no self sabotage, "my dog ate my homework" didn't fly in high school and it certainly doesn't fly in the real world. This is not a country where you can kick back, relax and take a paycheck when your trying to get your foot in the door or stay in the door if you are already there. No is not a time to, "relax". Go with the flow types don't get shit done. Be prepared for class.


3. EXCUSED ABSENCES. The only excused absence is for professional acting work or if you have an audition that conflicts with the actual time class is called for (you can always contact us if you have an audition and will be late to class). This is a professional class and a class geared towards adults so we expect you to treat this as you would any serious college or professional course. You are expected to stay for the duration of class- if we run over for some reason, you are not obligated to stay later.  You will have auditions 3 x4 times per week if all goes well and cutting out early to work on your audition isn't going to prepare you psychologically for this industry. You need to establish a fast but efficient workflow.

 Your better off bringing the audition into class!! If you need extra help, we offer private coaching as well, just email George. It's also unfair to your scene partner to cancel out last minute (again, you can always call us, text or email and let us know you were held up at an audition. There are no "make-ups" for unexcused abscences. Excused absences will be credited towards a private session. 



Payment may be made via Venmo (please send private) or PayPal (via "friends and family"). All payment is due before your first class of the month and sign up is first come first serve. We limit class to 14 working members (which is defined as scenes, monologues and auditions). Auditors may attend ONE time complimentary and then re-attend for $20 per class. They are allowed to participate in the exercises and warmups/improvs at the beginning of class. Tuition is $200 for the month. You work at least 3X every class (including the warm-ups). 



Atl east 1x per month you will be asked to do "The Audition Exercise". We can self tape you on your iPhone or Droid (if you don't have one, let us know- they seem to grow on trees ) and you can review the audition and keep your footage to use for both educational and potentially promotional purposes. 



We want you to work as actors and part of doing that is setting clear goals and targets with deadlines. You will each be assigned a new target every month. You'll find that your opportunities will increase but you need to outwork everyone else to capitalize on these new opportunities. Thomas Jefferson said, "luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity come together". Be prepared. 

I've been fortunate enough to experience the joy of doing great work, getting paid to do what I love and receiving the acknowledgement of the industry and I want that for each and every one of you in your lives...IT IS POSSIBLE.

 Marlon Brando said, "you act for your life"...regardless of what your aim is in life, you will need to be focused and these skills will help you in all of your interactions. The emotional drills we do are not just for your characters, they are so you can assess the people around you in your environment and be able to stay proactive over 99% of your encounters. This will give you an advantage. 

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