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Image by Avel Chuklanov

Private Coaching & One-on-One Options. Please contact for investment:

  • Self Tape Audition ASAP Session

    • Includes ​1 hr of coaching 

    • Recording fee & editing

  • Private Acting Coaching

  • (In Person in Atlanta or Zoom)

    • 1 Sessions - 1 hrs 

    • 3 Sessions - 3 hrs 

    • 5 Sessions - 5 hrs

    • 10 Sessions - 10 hrs 

  • Hybrid Options available Upon Request

One-on-One Acting Coaching

George created The Actor's Instinct as a tool to help actors trust their acting instincts. However, sometimes an acting class might not give you the full focus you're looking for, or perhaps you're not able to come to class, or even meet up for a session...


For the every day actor, the working actor, the actor that might have day job and needs a flexible schedule until they finally book that dream job...we have private acting coaching options for you!


It's important to get feedback as an actor, especially when doing a self tape or working on an audition piece, if you know you need a trained outside eye to help you nail your audition or call-back, it means get coaching with a trained professional.


As a private acting coach (either online or in person) George will work with you on the details of your character and story, nuance and technique to make sure your read is personal, staying grounded, taking it off the page, and creating your own unique approach to the 10 or 20 others reading for the same role.

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