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UPCOMING CLASSES:  February 1, 8, 15 & 22

7:30pm - 11:00pm* $200 (4 Classes)/ $50 per Class

Includes one audition intensive class & a special guest artist seminar

*classes tend to run late, if you have any time constraints please let us know beforehand*

TO REGISTER:  Please send payment  via Venmo  (please send as a private) or via PayPal (via friends family). We may accept CC for an additional $5.00 charge

Each class starts with a series of extraordinary drills and exercises that will teach the true nature of human emotions and you how to access them immediately for use on stage or in front of the camera. This is done in a fun and safe classroom setting and encourages a group dynamic. Next, we will apply those emotional tones to some basic scenarios and improvisations. 


When you learn these emotional states- you can start to apply them not only to your characters but to your lives. Marlon Brando said, "when you act, you act for your life". 

After the warm-up /exercise drills section of class, we will start with our assigned scenes and monologues from noted plays and film scripts using a revolutionary instinctual and intuitive approach. Participants may receive some corrections and they will have another opportunity to explore the scene again, moment by moment, allowing the notes to color the performance . We will give you the experience of working with a professional director- starting and stopping, coaching you throughout the scenes every step of the way. George encourages students to see acting is an exploration of the character rather than a definition of the character and as your discovering things in the moment, the audience is right there with you...your now in the same unit of time together. It makes for dangerous and unpredictable acting. 





Started by Joel O'Neal and George Gallagher: You will be assigned a 4 to 5 page scene (approximately 4 minutes in length) to be shot in full HD and directed by a professional director and film crew. The focus of this class is to be as free in front of the camera as we are on stage or in our everyday lives and to ultimately put your skills to the test in a simulated professional film set environment. Many of these shoots are on real locations. Students will be provided with a rough edit of their work which may be used for educational and promotional purposes. BY INVITATION ONLY. 

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